• Tape

    Tape Carton Sealing, Kraft Sealing, Strapping, Tape Dispensers

  • Paper Rolls and Sheets

    Paper Rolls and Sheets Kraft Paper Rolls/Sheets in Various Weights, Newsprint

  • Packaging Supplies

    Packaging Supplies Anti-static Peanuts, Bio-degradable Peanuts, Bubble...

  • Mailers

    Mailers Bubble Mailers, Stay Flat Mailers, Poly Mailers

  • Boxes

    Boxes We have a wide variety of boxes including Gaylords,...

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We Think Inside the Box

The M. Mallinger Company conducts a rigorous three-point inspection of each box that passes through our 35,000 square-foot warehouse. All boxes can be safely used by organizations and individuals for moving, storage or shipping. We guarantee that every box:

  • Is free of punctures and residue from previous contents
  • Has never been wet
  • Maintains its shape and is structurally sound
  • Can be broken down and palletized
  • Will meet your individual or organization’s expectations of quality

Buy Boxes

  • New: Buy brand new boxes. Available in single- and double-wall thicknesses, white and brown
  • White label used: Single white label is easy to cover. Available in single- and double-wall thicknesses.
  • Printed Used: New and unpacked boxes with logos and/or print. Available in single-wall thickness.
  • Gaylord container: Available in double-wall thickness for storage, sorting and shipping bulk quantities.
  • Save between 40-60% on used boxes.
  • Choose from our expansive inventory with a wide variety of sizes and clearance prices.
  • If we don’t have what you need, we can get it for you. You have a one-stop shop for boxes and packaging supplies.
  • Take advantage of our free delivery.
  • Generate less waste by purchasing a slightly used box.

Sell Boxes

  • Save money by eliminating recycling fees.
  • Save time and space by no longer having to bale your cardboard.
  • Eliminate waste and preserve the environment.
  • Generate revenue by selling your boxes to us.
  • Reuse boxes and reduce tree usage.
  • Get paid more than standard price per ton for baled cardboard.